The Children's Committee



The Children's Committee is an organization committed to helping advocate for laws which prohibit the use of therapeutic techniques on juvenile's in an effort to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Members of the Children's Committee are driven to help support victims of conversion therapy in an effort to foster healing from exposure to abusive practices intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Through education, awareness and action, we hope to empower advocacy and equality for the LGBTQ community.


The Children's Committee began on May 11, 2017.  It's founder, Vellah Jones, is an advocate for the fight to end conversion therapy on minors.  Her personal experiences with conversion therapy as a minor have fostered a dream of an America where LGBTQ children are protected from unjust and harmful efforts intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Vellah's hope for justice and protection for LGBTQ youth stem from those who were there to help her survive and flourish in times of darkness.


Advocate for the institution of laws that prohibit the use of conversion therapy practices on minors intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity in the 37 states which do not have these regulations.


We are all a sum of our parts and together we can move mountains to provide hope and justice to each other.

Apathy is the road to failure.  It is silence and the blind eye which allow injustice and inequality to thrive.

We all have a responsibility to fight for the persons passing by.  We must acknowledge the human rights of all people and fight to protect them from predatory ignorance which violate the innocent.

Education, awareness and action are the key components to fostering social change. Advocating with non-violent techniques is essential to success.


It is with great privilege we serve the mission of the Children's Committee.  We welcome individuals who desire to contribute their knowledge and skill sets to help achieve protection and  equality for LGBTQ youth.  

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